Can someone give feedback on my high promise application

Intro: I am 22 year old (started working after graduating Uni at 19), I work in sales/Marketing for application modernisation aka Cloud migration / tech modernisation.

Letter of recommendations from
CEO of my company (my company is a product based tech/software company with a revenue of over £300 million)
CMO of my company
CEO of another tech company

KEY criteria

  1. How do I demonstrate that I have a proven track record or examples of innovation in
    the digital technology sector as a director / founder of a digital technology sector
    company or an employee working in a new digital field or concept?


  • Top achiever award from my company: Prestigious award given to only a handful of employees (total employees 5000+)
  • 100% Award for financial year 22: for Hitting 100% or above in my yearly targets
  • 100% Award for financial year 23: for Hitting 100% or above in my yearly targets
  • 1 Letter of recommendation from an industry expert (outside my company)

Qualifying criteria

  1. How do I demonstrate that I have made a significant technical, commercial,
    or entrepreneurial contribution in the digital technology sector either as a
    founder, entrepreneur or employee of a digital technology company?


  • Realised closed won of over £8million
  • Total pipeline generated over £12 million
  • Customer survey report indicating my product was the highest scored among all of the department. My product scored 90, the next best was 42 (out of 100)
  • Growth in revenue my product has seen since I joined (Significant growth)
  1. How do I demonstrate that I have been (or have the potential to be)
    recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector?


  • 2 x Letter of recommendation from industry expert (Internal)
  • 1 Letter of recommendation from industry expert (External)
  • Show Organic growth of the LinkedIn page I manage for our product
  • Progression within my company 3 Promotions within 18 months. Started off as a sales associate - Business development Executive - Senior BD Executive - Account based Marketer
  • Salary and bonuses

@Abdullah_Aziz_Rajput Abdullah_Aziz_Rajput I understand that you are refering to OC1, OC3, and MC respectively. Here are my comments.

OC1: I don’t see any innovation here. You need to elaborate more on your contribution to the company’s innovation. How are they considered innovative, to assessor who never know you or your company.

OC3: These pieces of evidence look good to me. You need to add your name/email/chat/awards to show that you are one of the contributors to this criteria.

MC: Don’t rely too much on the LoR as evidence, but of course, they can be supporting your evidence to show your leadership in the field. The progression of your role promotions looks good. Salary needs to be benchmarked to the industry average.

Overall I think you have a chance to be endorsed under a promising route. You just need to make your MC and OC3 strong and sharp and consider finding another OC to finalize your endorsement application.

I hope this helps

Also do not rely on Internal company awards, training or certificates. They are also not sufficient for meeting this criterion. They can be a part of your story (evidence) why you are considered a promising talent only