Can recommendation be submitted as mandatory criteria?


In the form I am filling out on technation’s website, I need to specify which evidence are for Mandatory and Optional criteria. Can I specify one of the 3 mandatory recommendation letters as part of Mandatory evidence criteria? Or are these 3 letters live outside of Mandatory/Optional criteria and serve a separate purpose?

For example the application would look like this:

  • Personal statement
  • CV
  • Recommendation 1
  • Recommendation 2
  • Recommendation 3

Mandatory criteria

  • high salary contract
  • Recommendation 1
  • Recommendation 2

Optional criteria 1

  • Reference letter from company about feature X and impact on revenue
  • Reference letter from company about feature Y and impact on revenue

Optional criteria 2

  • Reference letter from company about feature Z and impact on revenue
  • Recommendation 3

Can I reuse these recommendations for my mandatory and optional criteria since they are " From an industry leader attesting to me leading a team in a product-first company" which fits the description of what Mandatory criteria is.


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This is how I treated mine. I kept the 3 recommendation letters outside of everything else (not sure what others have done).

I did have a reference letter that I used in MC and OC. In the OC though, the letter was part of additional evidence I supplied (not just the letter alone).

Letters of Reference alone are not sufficient and should be supported by other evidence.

Please note that the Tech Nation guide does have the statement above. Also wait to get responses from others so you get a clearer picture.


Hey, thanks for the reply. Could you please send a link about that quote that reference letters alone are not enough?

Not doubting you, just want to see what exactly this was referring to. MC or OC or something else and what exactly do they need to see with those reference letters.

It’s at the bottom of the 2nd item under “Optional Criteria” (the line before the start of the 3rd item)

That should give you some more context.

Thanks, it seems that these are referring to the 2nd optional criteria but as a rule of thumb, I should support reference letters with earning statements and similar

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