Can partner apply separately?

Hey guys,

Can my wife apply separately for Stage 2 using my endorsement letter ?


Please see Can dependents apply later after I obtain my visa?

Thanks Shreeniwas_lyer!

Just to clarify, can she apply before I have got the visa itself?

I only have an Endorsement Letter now, can she apply separately using only my endorsement letter ?

No, You must have the visa before apply for your partner or apply simultaneously both applications.

How do you know that you must have the visa before she applies? I couldn’t find it written explicitly anywhere

Hi Jamal,

I saw this on the guidelines:

Relationship requirements for a dependent partner on the Global Talent route

  1. GT 19.1. The applicant must be the partner of a person § and one of the following must apply:
  2. (a) P has permission on the Global Talent route; or
  3. (b) P is, at the same time, applying for (and is granted) permission on the Global Talent route; or

Here’s the source:

This should mean that the applications CAN be simultaneous.

It doesn’t make sense that main applicant dont have visa and dependent apply for the visa. You can apply both simultaneously.