Can One Person write you a recommendation letter and a Reference letter?

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Please I need an urgent clarification cos I have just a few days left until deadline date for the submission of my stage 1

Question: My former Overall boss, a senior dev has already written me a recommendation letter, and is also willing to write a referral letter, Is this allowed?

No point using the same person. If you are using it for Optional Criteria 3 it must be different from your recommenders

Thank you so much for this response @Francisca_Chiedu , You are doing an amazing Job I must say… well-done.

Now I know Better… But , can your present company’s founder and CTO who appears to be a senior tech head write you a recommendation?

Best to use two people from different companies for your recommendation letters. Recently tech nation started paying attention to the recommendation letters so, you don’t want your letters sounding alike.

It’s boldly stated in the guideline for OC3 that letter from an employer should be in addition to the required letters of endorsement and should be written by another individual

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Alright then… Thank you for the feedbacks @May and @Francisca_Chiedu … I sincerely appreciate

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