Can I use a recommendation letter from a computer science professor

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THis is my first post here :man_facepalming: I’m a silent user that have been combing through the blog for few a months now, and I must say I really appreciate the reviewers that take their time to evaluate profiles and evidences on this forum

I am planning to apply for the exceptional promise route of tech nation as a software engineer very soon and I need help with understanding who can write recommendation letters for me.

The criteria states -

Three letters of recommendation from three different well-established organisations acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field.

Each person who writes a letter for you must:

  • Be a senior member of their organisation
  • Know your work

Can “organisation” in this context mean a university or does it have to be a digital tech company?
I have a computer science professor who is willing to write a recommendation letter for me. Would a recommendation from a computer science professor fit this requirement especially since I am not presenting any academic related evidence? I didn’t study comp sci, but he knows me well, He’s also an high profile persona in the university.
I have like 2 others that are top CTO/MD in the tech field to complete the 3 required letters.

I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you

I think it’s possible if they know your work well enough or have worked with you in some capacity. A university is a well established organisation.

I used similar evidence and got endorsed in April. I applied under the role of Researcher.
In total I got 2 LORs from two computer science professors, and one letter of support for OC4 from a professor, making it 3 letters from professors.
The first professor was one I worked with as an executive of a non profit organisation in digital technology sector. The second one is a mentor who I only met through a mentorship programme. The third letter I got from my research supervisor was for OC4 where I provided academic and research related evidence.

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Thank you for your comment
Could it have been that you got your endorsement because you applied as a researcher? Because as a researcher, an academic professor recommendation would carry more weight in my opinion.

My worry is because I’m applying as a backend/software engineer. Do you think it can suffix? I haven’t worked with him, but he knows me on a personal capacity. He is also a well known and established figure in the university

I can’t tell for sure, but for the two professors I used in my LOR, I didn’t work with them in my capacity as researcher.

The only professor I worked with as researcher was used as referee under OC4.

My third LOR came from a leader in the industry to create a balance and show my versatility in the field. I had the worry them that using only academics as LOR could weaken my application so I got the third person from industry.

I hadn’t worked with this person on any job role but he also knew me on a personal capacity. It’s like the reverse of your case. So in my opinion, having a wide range of recommenders could show how you are well recognised and vouched for by industry leaders across different sectors in digital technology.

Regardless, he has to show knowledge of your work, your achievements as a leader and how your skills will be beneficial to the UK digital technology sector. Most professors have links with industry for research partnerships and consulting, while some spin off start ups from their research labs, so there should be some connection to industry too.

Hmmn. I agree with you. Thanks