Can I get Endorsed with this?

My name is Yusuf Ibrahim, I really need help on how and what to do with what I currently have to apply for Global Talent Visa. I’m a hardware engineer, I tackle any form of complex computer problem and I know for sure am a special talent in the field but unfortunately most of my achievements are not documented. Still I have practical videos online that can tell how wonderful I am. Here are some of my achievements so far:
I have a TikTok page which I use to educate and enlighten people as far as my field and skill is concerned. I have over 10,200 followers and over 32,700 likes from numerous videos have posted. Here is the link to my TikTok page: Nado (@nado4tech) | TikTok

I also have a Youtube account which I use to educate people on advance computer repair. Here is the link to my TikTok page:

Aside from my major computer repair skill, I have also acquired web development skills on my own in my free time. I have knowledge of both the frontend and backend of a web development. Have been able to combine my computer hardware skill, good tutoring strategy and full stack web development skill in one piece by building a website that educates and helps one to understand computer repair with ease and fun (URL limit in this post Is limited to 2).
I also have evidence of some people have trained out of numerous people have trained. Coupled with other achievements have mentioned. Once again, I will so much appreciate it if I can get guide on how to make my way on the journey of my Global Talent Visa.

Your first step is to read the tech nation guide. To get a global talent visa you need to show evidence of how you have been recognised as a talent, your contribution to innovation or impact within the sector. The ate many people with the skills you have described but you need to show how you stand out from the crowd.

Thank a lot for looking into my matter. I have very few evidence as required to justify my special talent but I have bunch of comments that proves a special talent in numerous videos I have online which I believe is not enough. I will so much appreciate it if I can possibly get your contact for private guide probably via Gmail or WhatsApp.