Can I attach a link to instead of pictures to the body of evidence?

Hello all.

I would like to know if I can attach a link to the body of my evidence instead of attaching a picture.

For the evidence to prove high earnings, my contract letter is well above 3 pages and I’m considering adding a link to the body of the evidence.

Also fo the evidence to show my contributions to a project, can I add google drive links instead of attaching pictures from the event or code repo etc.


Hi Jide
Screenshot of the relevant part is preferred, according to the official guide.

Pls take time to read the TechNation guide

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Thanks for the clarification

you can add the links however, from applicants experience in this forum, some claimed that the links were not reviewed. therefore, do not depend solely on links and and as @Yusuf_Adebanjo suggested add screenshots and brief to strengthen your evidence.

in regards with the contract that exceed 3 pages, in the guide it is mentioned if any documents exceed the pages, try to summarise or include what is necessary for your evidence. (Extract)

best of luck


Thank you very much Maya

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