Can I apply for Exceptional Promise after being rejected under Exceptional Talent

Hello, I just got a rejection mail from the Home Visa office on my Tech Nation Application.
Please, I am thinking of applying for Exceptional Promise since my rejected application was for Exceptional Talent.

Is it possible for me to apply for the Exceptional Promise?
Should I ask for a review before applying for the Exceptional Promise.

First, technically, you can apply as many times as you want, and you may select a promise or talent in your application.

However, the key question is - how many years have you been in the digital technology sector? If it is more than 5 years, you must apply for the Talent route only. The reason behind this is that since you have been in the industry for more than 5 years, you should have been recognized as an exceptional talent, otherwise you are not a Talent.
But promising talent is the route for those who have not been in digital technology longer than 5 years, and typical applicants can demonstrate at least 1 piece of evidence per criteria to show that they are a promising talent, and you can grow even further.

From my suggestion above you be able to guide you to select the appropriate route, and given no information about your career history. However, please also remember that Tech Nation is also prepared to suggest and switch your “Talent” application to “promise” if they believe it is appropriate during reviewing your application.

Since you have a chance to appeal, I suggest you use it wisely. Focus to identify what mistake you think the assessor had done, and suggest them to your evidence provided. Leverage this opportunity to get the most feedback again for your second trial and your improvement of your application strength in the future.

Thanks Alex.

I am applying for a review, is it during the review I request to be considered for exceptional promise.

Yes, I have spent more than five 5 years in the technology sector, but Tech Nation seems to think otherwise from their feedback Prorforma document and the response.

But I want to apply for exceptional promise, but first do I need to apply for review before I can apply for exceptional promise or does applying for review has a section where you can switch to exceptional promise.

If you think the assessor think otherwise (think that you had less than 5 years of digitech experience), you may give a try to mention that you would like to go for a “promise” route to remind them, at least to get a feedback to see what they think about this, so that you can use the feedback in your future application in the worst case scenario.

Also remember that, the appeal, or the review, is being sent to other assessors in their panel, so it is your chance to influence them with your provided evidence.

I don’t believe you can request their endorsement for the promise unless you can provide substantial justification as to why you should be considered for it.

You may want to highlight any contradictions in the guidelines to them. For example, the guidelines do not specify that the letters of recommendation must come from individuals in product-led businesses. It does mention that they need to be well-established individuals acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field.

For OC2, you should emphasize the aspects of your evidence that demonstrate that it extends beyond your day-to-day occupation.

Regarding OC3, the feedback was not specific, which could indicate that the strength of your evidence submission was not sufficient.