Can i Appeal - Stage 1

Assessment panel feedback:
The applicant is a software engineer who has applied for the Exceptional Promise track. They have
submitted evidence for the Mandatory Criteria as well as Optional Criteria 1 and 3.
While the applicant has applied for Exceptional Promise, their CV shows seven years’ experience, while
their CV states they have “5+ years of experience”. In the absence of any extenuating circumstances,
we have assessed the applicant against the criteria for Exceptional Talent, in line with the visa
With regards to the Mandatory Criteria, the three letters of recommendation are all supportive of the
applicant, but none provide specific examples of knowing the applicant’s work; there are no examples of
innovation or impact, and much of the content seems biographical rather than first-hand experience of
the applicant’s ability.

Ultimately, the Mandatory Criteria asks that the applicant show extraordinary ability by sustained
national or international recognition, and demonstrate a level of expertise which places them at the
forefront of their respective field in the digital technology sector. The applicant’s evidence demonstrates
they have mentored a number of individuals and startups and has participated in events, but there is no
evidence that the applicant’s skill and ability is noteworthy or considered expectational amongst peers.
We have therefore not awarded this criteria.
With regards to Optional Criteria 1, the applicant must demonstrate examples of innovation in the digital
technology sector as a founder or senior executive of a product-led digital technology company, or an
employee working in a new digital field or concept. The evidence demonstrates that the applicant has
worked on projects that have been launched in the market and have been recognised in the media, but
there is no evidence that the applicant’s contributions were innovative. We have not awarded this
With regards to Optional Criteria 3, the applicant must demonstrate significant technical contributions.
The evidence provided shows the applicant has made contributions in a number of roles, but there is no
evidence provided to show they were significant; i.e. the evidence does not show the outcomes that
results from the applicant’s work. We have therefore not awarded this criteria.
Overall, we have been unable to award the required criteria to endorse for Exceptional Talent at this

Can i appeal since i was graded with Talent criteria meanwhile my documents speaks promise.

You CV already shows that you have 7years experience. So that automatically means you are not eligible for exceptional promise. You have to appeal based on talent and point the assessor that the evidence provided are based on the tech Nation guide. I am not sure what they mean by the speaking and mentoring are not considered exceptional among peer, you need to explain why these events demonstrate you are a recognised leader.

i was still in school then. Can i appeal explaining to them that i have less than 5 years in the industry??? The other things they mentioned was because my documents was scored based on talent.

they are working based on the information you provided in your application. you may want to explain that you were and intern but what you have on your cv may contradict it.

oh yeah i get you. So you would advise i appeal or reapply?

You lose nothing asking for a review. If it is not successful you may get additional information why you were not endorsed.