Can Global Talent Visa Holders without ILR still invite dependents?

I was in the process of applying for a visa for my unmarried partner when I came across this list of requirements which does not seem to allow GLV holders to bring over partners until they’ve gotten at least an ILR.

Can anyone help confirm this please?

I know someone on GTV who applied for his partner and it was successful.

Alright, thanks!

If it’s not too much of a bother, can you share some type of documents the person provided to prove his relationship with his unmarried partner?

You need to show you have been together for at least two years. Examples of evidence:

  1. You could get a letter from your landlord confirming you have lived together for two years. Joint tenancy agreement
  2. Screenshots of WhatsApp chats over 2 years
  3. Pictures taken together over the last 2 years
    4.Joint hospital card
  4. Local and international flight tickets
  5. You can also show join holiday booking or hotel reservation.
  6. Joint Utility bill if available
  7. Joint bank statement if available
  8. Joint order receipts
  9. Partners’ 6months bank statement showing evidence of support you have both given each other. Also show proof of funds for her maintenance in her bank account.
  10. Sponsor letter (Sponsor should write a letter explaining the relationship etc)
  11. Her employment contract or payslips could be useful but not compulsory.
  12. She could add a cover letter explaining her evidence and other details about your relationship.
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Thanks a lot, Francisca!

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