Can former Managers write Recommendation Letters?

I am able to get 3 recommendation letters from C-level individuals who work at 3 different product-led companies, but 2 of them were my managers at the same former company (at different points in time).
Will recommendation letters from both of them work?

Thank you!

Hi Cosmic
do they sill work at the company?..if yes you can use their recommendation
also make sure they are c-level individuals …E.g CEO, CTO, COO, CFO, CDO ETC
Another thing to consider is …do they have it on linkedin that they are the C-level individual in that particular company

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@Mide , out of curiosity, do they only have to be C level people do directors also works?
because usually C level people don’t know individual contributors work so much

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c-level individual makes your application stronger…tech nation assumes you have impacted or led the growth of these companies do they want a c-level individual to recommend you

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the best thing to do is write these letter…speak to your director…tell him you need a recommendation and you want a C-level signature on it…i bet he wont say no


Thank you for your help!

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Yes! That should be okay.

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Hi Mide,

I worked with two companies on a contract basis. over 1 year period and two different occasions.

First instance, I worked with C-Suite (MD/CEO) on a product marketing project but he left the company and is now in Canada. He has it on his LinkedIn profile that he was MD/CEO in the period I worked with the brand.

Also, in the second company where I led a product marketing project, the product lead has also left the organisation and is now in the UK.

Can the both of them write a letter of recommendation for me?

That shouldn’t be a problem.
I asked a former manager to write a LoR while we both moved on to different companies.