Can dependents apply later after I obtain my visa?

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I am going to apply for my stage 2 very soon. Can my spouse and kid apply later, or all the applications have to be bundled together?


You can apply separately, AFAIK.

yes, you can. that what I did.
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Thanks @Shreeniwas_Iyer and @steven4320555!

Steven, did she apply after you had already got the visa or did she apply with your endorsement letter only ?

I got the endorsement and I don’t want to add her to my application because I am applying from within the UK and it would need 8 weeks instead of 3 weeks if she applied separately from outside the UK

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Hello guys. Is it possible to apply simultaneously with your dependant spouse on one application form or the application form is separate?


The forms are separate. Have you read the Home Office guidance? It’s all there. Details here. Link to the application also here. You have to put their details on your application and they’ll need your passport info to apply (maybe a few other details depending on country of origin, but all details are specified on the Home Office guidance):’dependant’%20is%20any%20of,the%20UK%20during%20your%20stay


Hi @Toko, my wife applied after I got my visa, because I am in the UK while she is not.

Another information for people in the thread: My wife has to apply visa again(simpler process) as she did not make the trip after she got the 3 months temporary visa (don’t know the current rule, might be longer now) to get to UK, beforing getting the BRP which will have the same visa length as me.

So, trip planning and feasibility to come over within the validatity period is also a good reason to apply separately.

Hi @steven4320555

Thanks for the info. Do you remember if she applied from Global Talent Visa section on or if she applied from Family in th UK section?

If you don’t mind, can you please copy a link of where you started the application for her?

Thanks in advance and I hope you get a positive response!

Thanks you very much @dashad