Business Skills - Application

Hi Folks,

Thanks for all the info shared on this forums its a great resource to start in the right direction.
I will be putting in my application in April/May and need some info.

  • Has anyone applied with the Business skills requirements
  • I am in technology partnerships in a leading cloud computing company working with product sme to create products leading to sales (B2B), previously Cloud evangelist and head of startup ecosystem (same company) , prior to that product management roles.
  • have jotted down my 10 evidences w.r.t speaker sessions, startup mentorships, contracts/pay slips, certificates, letter and recommendations.

Will above be a good start.


If you go through the business side requirement of GT visa digital technology, one thing is prominently clear, your work must be for product led company and you should be able to prove that your contribution is way beyond ordinary level in leading the company or scaling the product in sales side or in fetching substantial investment in either pre-seed or Series A level. And with this, undisputable commercial success as a result of your work.
Also it is noteworthy that mentoriship and speaking activities in theory constitute as a contribution but the depth and impact of these activities are the factors to impact your.claim in this area. In short, it is subjective.

Hi Mukesh,

I am with a big Tech Company (O…) managing SAAS tech products and partnerships working with sme to build products on our platform and do a GTM.

  • Will a recommendation letter from my manager (Sr.Dr.) some numbers (revenue addition and scale) along with product built suffice
  • I have evidence for mentoring (startups, university ) and speaking sessions (UN)
  • I don’t have a tech degree as a background but an MBA


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