Big4 Experience - Do I stand a chance?

Hi Everyone. Hope are good.
I have a question with regards to my work experience if it would fit or not.
I would apply for the exceptional talent in the field of Cybersecurity. My work experience 5+ years:

  • Deloitte Central Europe - Audit/Advisory - Senior Security Expert: audited client’s information security control environments platforms and advised them what systems to implement
  • EY Switzerland - Cybersecurity Advisory - Helped clients across Europe to implement information security systems
  • CushmanWakefield - Global Director of Client and Data Security: managed a global team to limit supply chain cyber risk (non-technical)
    Also, from 2020 as a part time job I worked for a NY-based startup (est. 2017) that has been developing a cutting edge information security GRC system. I contributed to the development of the tool and I am now a full time employee and leadership member of the company. As part of this role I am hosting webinars, contributing to marketing and sales, design of the tool, functionalities and many more.

The reason I am writing is that I read the eligibility criteria and posts here about having Big4 experience is usually not sufficient.
Does anyone have experience with a mostly Big4 background?
Thank you very much

Big 4 companies fall under consultancies/agencies. Since they’re not Product-led, I think they’re not eligible. Happy to be wrong on this, hopefully others chime in with their knowledge.