Applying for Endorsement Growth Lead

I am about to apply for endorsement and I want the community to look at my evidences
My experience has been with startups as growth lead and currently working with a VC company.


  1. Head of Growth at a VC (current company)
  2. Chief Operating Officer for a Tech Startup
  3. Product Manager FlutterWave (Ex. Co-Founder of previous company)


  1. Command High salary : Payslip, employment contract, stock options
  2. Speaking in a high tech conference; Snapshots of me on stage, events size Pic, letter of recommendation from co-founder
  3. Company 1 - Led Marketing at a Head of Marketing: marketing plan, process developed, customer reviews, appg downloads from playstore, Facebook Ads manager screenshots, pages
  4. Letter of recommendation from Co-founder of company 1
  5. Company 2- Led growth of a Tech product: Growth plan and process developed, tracking plan, analytics page screenshots, links to articles showing growth in raising for PreSeed round and acquisition of another company, letter of recommendatuin from Head of Marketing

6. Mentorship- ADPlist reviews from mentees, 500 minutes of mentorship certificate, screenshot of profile page showing meentees location, mentorship minutes and number of bookings
7. Mentorship -GCIP a UN program, reference letter from mentee, invitation email, welcoming email
8. Mentorship-Africa Tech Vision: Introductory Emai, review from mente, end of recognition email from the program, screenshot of mentee in mentees list on ATV Website.

9. Company 3: Process and growth plann for process developed, weekly tracking, channel experiments,letter of recommendation from Founder acknowledge my impact leading to revenue increase and growth
10. Company 4: Process and growth plann for process developed, communication strategy, analytics dashboard,letter of recommendation from Founder acknowledge my impact leading to revenue increase and growth

@Francisca_Chiedu @May
Your reviews is highly needed thanks.

Thank you for your help
@LizzyOrji @pahuja @Maya @alexnk @ask4jubad
Your feedback wilk greatly help me.

Hi @Victory_E

LORs seem fine per the titles - ensure they themselves have a strong track record in digital tech companies.

MC #3: did you do performance marketing? Can you also add any more quantifiable data from funnel eg. CTR on ads, #Orders, revenue through ads, ROI? Your current evidence shows you did marketing activities however the impact isn’t evident with the metrics you have mentioned.

MC#5: Will the support letter mention your contribution to growth and how this growth was crucial in raising the funding?

OC2 #2 & #3 for GCIP, please mention the selection criteria of mentees, number of mentorship hours, etc

OC3 #9 & #10 what growth metrics will you be showing for impact?

There are 4 company evidences mentioned: did you work at 4 companies in last 5 years?

Thank you @pahuja for your repsonse.

MC 3: Yes, I have added metrics from analytics platform to show growth

MC 5: Yes the letter from the head of marketing talked about the impact i did and how it was vital to the funding

I work for a VC company but i am embedded as a growth lead (6-12 months) in our portfolio companies (all product-led tech companies), working with them to grow their business (Hence company 2,3 and 4).

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