Applied ET received EP - Review/Reapply options?

Hi All,

I received my approval today for EP but I had applied for ET. Would like to know my options please.

  1. I read couple of earlier posts saying that there is no appeal/review option available if we receive an approval for EP instead of ET. A review/appeal is only available on rejection. If someone can confirm this please?

  2. Additionally, if I apply for stage 2 with EP approval is there a possibility to re-apply for a fresh ET application 6-12 months from now?

Are you looking for ET specifically for 3 year route to ILR?

Yeah if I could try to get ILR in 3 years instead of 5 years. So, the question is if it’s possible to apply for a new GTV ET route while already being on GTV EP visa?

If you are already on the visa then you cannot apply to switch the route from Promise to Talent.

This is the ChatGPT response:

Yes, you can apply for the Global Talent visa under the Exceptional Talent route if you are already on the Global Talent visa under the Exceptional Promise route. The UK’s Global Talent visa allows for this transition to reflect an individual’s career progression and growing recognition in their field. Here are the general steps and considerations:

  1. Eligibility: Ensure you meet the criteria for the Exceptional Talent route. This usually involves demonstrating a higher level of achievement and recognition in your field compared to the Exceptional Promise route.
  2. Endorsement: You will need to secure a new endorsement from a recognized endorsing body relevant to your field. Even if you have been previously endorsed under the Exceptional Promise route, a new endorsement is required to switch to the Exceptional Talent route.
  3. Application Process:
  • Endorsement Application: Submit a new endorsement application with evidence of your exceptional talent. This evidence will typically include a significant body of work, awards, and recognition from peers and industry leaders.
  • Visa Application: Once endorsed, apply for the Global Talent visa under the Exceptional Talent route. This involves submitting a new visa application with the necessary documentation and paying the relevant fees.
  1. Timing: Ensure that you apply before your current visa expires to maintain your lawful stay in the UK.
  2. Benefits: Switching to the Exceptional Talent route can offer advantages such as a potentially shorter qualifying period for settlement (ILR) in the UK. The settlement period is typically three years for those on the Exceptional Talent route, compared to five years for those on the Exceptional Promise route.
  3. Advice and Assistance: Consider consulting with an immigration advisor or lawyer who specializes in UK visas to ensure that your application is as strong as possible and that you navigate the process correctly.

In summary, transitioning from the Exceptional Promise to the Exceptional Talent route is possible and can be beneficial for your career and settlement plans in the UK.

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Great then! You can take a chance, nothing to lose anyway since you will already be on EP route.

Good luck. Keep us posted if and when you switch.

@mgill Congratulations on your EP endorsement! If it is possible can you please share your evidence/application pack? And did you engage a law firm for your visa?

You can’t switch. You can just apply for a new endorsement at the expiration of your current endorsement for promise. Once you secure a visa using the promise endorsement, then you can’t switch.

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