Application Review Request + Question about Salary

Hi all, I’d love some guidance with regards to whether I should apply with what I currently have or if I should wait to receive an offer. I am currently sponsored by an employer in the UK (past 3 years), but just left that role and now looking to pursue startups. I am pursuing the Exceptional Talent visa and would like to leave the UK for the winter break so I am largely tempted to apply as soon as possible.

My salary was above the 90th percentile of salaries, according to this resource which has been shared a few times in the threads (thanks so much for all your valuable insights!).

I also hold a pretty significant number of shares for my last workplace.
The job offer (or 2) that I’m pursuing would be upwards of the 95th/96th percentile.

Here are the documents I’ve prepared already if it helps for context:
Mandatory criteria evidence

  1. Letter from a senior client highlighting my work and achievements
  2. Contract: (can’t decide if my last job + proof of my equity, or await higher-paying offer(s))

Optional Criteria
Second one: proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field
3. I have a letter of recommendation from a place I mentored at twice
4. I spoke at an event earlier this month (100+ attendees) so will show screenshots of that. Can’t decide if I should use this as evidence for this criteria or for the mandatory criteria (events are mentioned as examples there too)

Third one: they have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as an employee of a product-led digital technology company
5. I have a letter of recommendation from a senior person at my workplace highlighting the impact I’ve made

My 3 questions

  1. Any general feedback on my package?
  2. Do you think I’m good to apply already, and say I’m in final stages with companies in a cover letter, flexing their salaries. OR Do I wait (potentially a couple of weeks) till I receive an offer and show that as my evidence of commanding a high salary. Basically, would a 90th percentile salary do it or they expect higher than that?
  3. Any thoughts on which criteria I should attach the event I spoke at to?

Thank you so very much for all your help, this discourse has been incredible to read.

If I were you I would apply now - you could use your payslip from the previous employer as an evidence (it is factual) and use your new offer to explain your future plan.

I’d prob also add more supporting docs in your mandatory criteria - salary didn’t seem to be a strong piece of evidence in my case. My base salary was above the UK 99th percentile (excluding stock and bonuses) but TN’s initial feedback was “ Salary details have nothing to with innovation”. I was surprised to read that feedback.

Thank you for your response @viciv.
Regarding the feedback they gave you, when did you apply? Because in the current rules they keep emphasising “you command a high salary”, which is why I think I’ll wait till I receive an offer.

Regarding more supporting docs for Mandatory Criteria, do you (or anyone reading :slight_smile:) have any ideas on what I can include? If I don’t have external awards / open-source code and the other stuff they have as examples. My letter of recommendation for that criteria is quite strong.
I can make point 4 (in my original message) part of the evidence for the Mandatory Criteria instead too if anyone has advice on that? Thanks!