Application Preparation and Coaching

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Does anyone have contacts for a reliable agent who helps with preparing the requirements for stage 1 application. With reference to the acceptable format and contents of the recommendation letter and personal statement. Please comment with leads.

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Check this out:

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you can also try Fragomen.,fill%20out%20the%20referral%20form.


Contact Themis technologies they are reliable and affordable

i had initially contacted Fragomen but they are quite expensive, as they have package and they charge hourly basis as well.
Full Package- Stage1 + Stage 2: 8K GBP + VAT
Stage 1 only : 7K GBP + VAT
Hourly basis : 350 GBP + VAT

Hope the above information is helpful

My suggestion would be to closely follow this forum as lots valuable information is shared here. The amount consultancy is charging can be saved and used against Final visa cost+ Healthcare charges. Just My prospective not to degrade any services and consultancy