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Application form on Tech Nation site asks for evidence documents name for Optional Criteria. And the problem is it only two sections called Optional Criteria1 and Optional Criteria2. what is someone wants to submit documents for three optional criterias ?

The form must have changed since I applied. When I applied, I could upload 10 documents and then tag them under criteria separately. So I could do more than 2 criteria, as well as have one evidence tagged to more than 1 criterion.

Can you perhaps paste a screenshot of the form (taking out anything confidential) for us to take a look please?

Not different than when I applied. I found a copy of my application:

I guess you have to fit in your criteria into the two criteria. There doesn’t seem to be an option to upload documents for further criteria.

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Hi @abd I used two optional criteria (To make stronger case for the criteria I have chosen.)

But I think no one is stopping you from mentioning it in your cover letter, or on the material itself.

@Shreeniwas_Iyer @steven4320555
So does this mean that the name one gives should be something like:

  1. Letter of support from abc CEO of xyz
  2. Evidence for innovation working in xyz
  3. Evidence for significant contribution working in xyz
  4. Evidence of impact made while working in xyz
    Or is there a format to follow…

Hi @Moi, I don’t think there is a format you need to follow. But the principle is to make it as easy for the accessor to navigate to your documentations. The description you shared looks good.

FYI, instead of 1-10, I used something like:


To highlight my selected criteria (eg.Qualifying criteria 2 & Key criteria 2), and the sequence/importance I want the documents to be reviewed.


@Moi did you apply for the endorsement? I think format is similar what you tried, as you long as you have all the evidence, it would be good for them to follow.

@steven4320555 Thanks a lot…it gave me a clear picture. I will definitely take your advice on that.

@farooq0520 Not yet…will be applying soon hoping everything works out, fingers crossed…

@Moi @steven4320555 @Shreeniwas_Iyer

From the picture uploaded by @abd , I noticed something that says:

“Note: Whilst you can use multiple documents to support each criteria, each document must only contain a single piece of related evidence.”

I am kind of confused about that because some of my document contains multiple evidence of some kind.

For example, Key Criteria has multiple evidence inside one.

It has evidence of being a speaker at a webinar plus a recommendation letter from a C-level executive of a multinational company, who is a co-panelist at the webinar

So, one piece of evidence contains evidence of me being a panelist and a recommendation letter from a co-panelist from the same webinar.

The C-level executive on the panelist with me is far more experienced than I am and is giving a recommendation, saying I am recognized as a potential leader.

I am applying for PROMISE.

Thank you.

@lekanjava I am not sure but I think what they mean is that, you cannot present two completely unrelated piece of evidence in a single document like an evidence of being a speaker and an evidence of leading a prod-led digital company (or) evidence of structured mentorship (a combination of any two of these are completely unrelated and from what I understand, you cannot show them clubbed in a single document)

That being said, your evidence seems good but make sure that the letter given by executive highlights about you related to the evidence you will be providing with it clubbed in a single document.

As I said I am not sure but this what I think it is… please correct me if I am wrong @Shreeniwas_Iyer @steven4320555 @farooq0520

Hi @lekanjava , this is a good catch! Being a panelist is a good evidence! I share the same understanding as @Moi , and I think a piece of evidence can be considered as a topic.

I guess it depends on the amount of your evidence, weight of different pieces, and how you want to present. The way you are organising your evidence probably tells a good story.

If the C-level referee give you the letter purely based on the panelist, you can safely combine the two together. However, if the C-level Executive knows you through multiple activities, and mentioned other activities and contributions you have made (or have potential) , it might be good to use it as a separate evidence.

FYI, In my application, I used support letters as separate pieces of evidence. I had 3 recommendation letters and 4 supporting letters. The rest are pieces of evidence group by related topic and squeezed in 3 pages.

Thank you @Moi and @steven4320555

I think this makes sense to me now. Thank you.

some more questions, please?

  1. Can someone use just a recommendation letter of an expert alone to say that you have been recognized as a potential leader, for the key criteria?

Though I planned to use combine evidence just the same way I wanted to do the Speaking event with a recommendation letter from one of the panelists.

I also planned to do a similar thing for the second Key Criteria, which is to combine my professional certifications and then add a recommendation letter from my mentor who strategies with me some years back on how to gain those certifications.

The mentor is a Manager with a global tech company.

So it gonna be certification1+Certification2+ Recommendation letter, describing how he helped with the strategic plans to gain those certifications some years back.

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Hi @lekanjava, I guess you can. But I am not sure.

Important thing to note, for every criteria, you should have more than 1 piece of evidence (I can’t remember how it is required, but I remembered the key word ’ more than 1’). The purpose is probably to cross validation.

Sounds like you have already got good amount of evidence, I trust you will get it😉

Thank you @steven4320555

Are we required to upload the CV of the person giving the recommendation letter separately in the application, or it should be part of the 3 pages of the recommendation letter?

Thank you

If you are talking about the 3 recommendation letters. I believe it is a part of the document (the file you upload as one piece), but CV of people who recommend you don’t count towards the 3 pages. (It is somewhere in the instruction.)
So for recommendation letter (3 compulsory), I used longer CVs (eg. from LinkedIn or from the referee).

For support letter (as part of the 10 evidences), I just added a short screenshot of public accessible webpage of the people. Try to make sure it is not over 3 pages in total.

Hope it helps.

Hello @steven4320555 is it possible to use LinkenIn profiles of the 3 people recommending me, instead of their CV’s ?

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sure! I also used LinkedIn profiles of the people who recommended me. LinkedIn profile is essentially a public CV.