Application Form - Optional Criteria


Application form on Tech Nation site asks for evidence documents name for Optional Criteria. And the problem is it only two sections called Optional Criteria1 and Optional Criteria2. what is someone wants to submit documents for three optional criterias ?

The form must have changed since I applied. When I applied, I could upload 10 documents and then tag them under criteria separately. So I could do more than 2 criteria, as well as have one evidence tagged to more than 1 criterion.

Can you perhaps paste a screenshot of the form (taking out anything confidential) for us to take a look please?

Not different than when I applied. I found a copy of my application:

I guess you have to fit in your criteria into the two criteria. There doesn’t seem to be an option to upload documents for further criteria.

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Hi @abd I used two optional criteria (To make stronger case for the criteria I have chosen.)

But I think no one is stopping you from mentioning it in your cover letter, or on the material itself.