Application feedback

I am thinking of applying under the promise route. I have 2 degrees one in Islamic studies and another in Information systems. I obtained my degree in information systems within the last 5 years and only work in digital technology since then.


  1. College professor I worked with on a project and built tools to help with his research and data processing
  2. Official from ministry of education, explaining how a system for which I was a lead engineer was used by them in schools and for tracking student progress and activity. Evidence of how it is also used by partner foreign governments.
  3. CTO of company I work for disclosing my contribution to our products and frameworks, along with explaining my role, in founding the company, shares etc
  4. Apps I have made for Android some of which have more than 500k downloads and a large amount of active users.

Personal statement:
Explaining my background, my passion for technology and Islam and how I have a unique perspective with both a religion and technical degree. How I want to enhance Islamic education worldwide and contribute to edtech.


  1. News coverage translated from Arabic that names me and my company and how our products bring an innovative approach to Islamic education.
  2. Company incorporation and financial statements.
  3. High salary proof.

Letters of appreciation from clients, stating that it has transformed their workflow, and highlighting innovation and unique capabilities of our systems, including use of AI for Islamic teaching and surveillance to enforce obedience. Use to transform the education of girls, tool to advise islamic law makers and use of AI to detect haram.

Side project apps on play store (not related to my company and for which I am the sole developer). Commit amount, architecture diagrams, screenshots, download statistics.

I am unsure whether to also include OC1 evidence for OC3 as they are also products that are impactful as well as innovative.

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You may want to add some evidence of things you do / have done outside your day to day work (work in your startup in your case).

Technically your recommenders should also be in the field of technology… So the top official mentioned from ministry of education should be in tech.

New guideline update for April 2023 clarified that unique evidence is expected across categories.

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Yes the official is in tech and an ex leader in telecommunication and network firms and has an engineering education.

I did not know about that change in April, thanks.

Indeed, there are some things I can add, I have trained teachers on teaching about technology and using technology for education and also have my side project apps.