Application disappeared from Tech Nation dashboard. Is it normal?

I submitted my application 3 days ago, and was visible on this page with status as “submitted”

Since yesterday, it’s not visible anymore. Is it normal?

Bumping post for visibility

It’s so weird that both home office and tech nation are ignoring all the emails.

Makes me really worried about the whole situation

Hey there, Did you get a confirmation email when you submitted your application on the TN portal?

Yes. I did. My application was visible on the portal too for next 2 days after that. But since last Tuesday, it’s not visible anywhere.

You can relax your mind since you got the email confirmation and if you must reach out to anyone, only TN will suffice as the home office will not respond on a TN portal issue. One more question, when did you apply to the Homeoffice ?

Thanks. Yes, I am trying to relax. But if seems like, I am the only one who experienced this problem.

The fact TN admins are not responding to emails makes me even more worried :confused:

So I ended up creating a new application on Friday and submitting it again. I had a backup of application data on my PC luckily.

Application 1 is still deleted with nobody have any clue.

Application 2 is still up (at least for now).