Appealing Review

Hello @Francisca,
Good day, please i need your help in appealing, i really do not know how to go about this anymore.
if you dont mind can i send the application form and the result so you can advise me when you have time.
thank you.

i work with a software company in security and surveillance software as a business development manager.
3 LOR are international experts who knows my work in my field recommending my impact and contribution. while extra three recommendation letter in the evidence which talks about my work extensively.

MC -

  • letter of employment 1st company,
  • promotional letter from 1st company,
  • reference letter from 1st company employer
  • second company i work won award because of my contribution and impact, media clip of award
  • reference letter from second company attesting my contribution to the international award,

OC2 -

  • invitation of speaking engagement,
  • appreciation letter for contributing to the event
  • TWO speaking engagement collaborating with international company in security surveillance software company


  • reference letter from employer talking about contribution in sales and impact
  • 1st company sales report showing high sales record
  • 1st company license activation records for different branches as compared to my sales records.
  • 1st company generated leads showing high conversion rate of customers

I am not sure how you want to appeal this as your evidence are not convincing.

For the mandatory criteria your letters are mostly reference letters and tech nation guide clearly stated that reference letters are not sufficient. There no evidence relating to national or international contribution that suggests you are a leader. If you decide to appeal you may want to focus on the content of the reference lette but it would have helped if you had external evidence to back this.

Based on OC2, the speaking events are related to your job, if that’s not the case then explain that in your appeal and expatiate on how it has advanced the sector. You also showed evidence of leads or sales pipeline which is also listed in the guide. The guide didn’t state you need to get customer validation for this.

For OC3, I do not agree with the assessors feedback, you need to state that the guide says you can get letter from your employer detailing your impact, you have Also shown evidence of

For MC there is a we’ll known award outstanding security installation awarded by Securex West Africa I won on behalf of my second company in 2019 and a reference letter from the MD and it’s there on the evidence apparently they did miss that out.
I have a promotional letter from my first company showing as compared with Glassdoor for high salary pay for both companies. That was missed out too.

For OC2 I was invited to speak in a conference which is the largest event for the security surveillance sector in west Africa , Securex west Africa is the organizer I have added a invitation letter in March 2023 and appreciation letter of contribution. Note this event is not a paid event, this event happened may 2023 and also I had collaboration of different webinars with key companies in the digital sector in 2022. All my reference letter talked much about my key achievements and contributions.
they did not consider my impact outside my Job role as a speaker

For OC3 I showed them my company dashboard generated sales revenue 2022 as referenced, leads generated as referenced, activation of license sales as referenced and evidence and a reference letter backing all this evidence.

As per evidences as stated in the tech nation guideline they said all evidence should be within 5years. So if I have a legit evidence why would they not consider is it because the evidence is recent.

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Tech nation guide states evidence close to the timing of your application are not acceptable. March 2023 is recent. Also, the award you talked about was in behalf of your company.

what is the word limit for appealing in each box