Any website preferred to show salary statistics

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I am new to this forum. I am also trying to apply from Singapore. As a part of Mandatory criteria, I would like to show my salary comparison in UK to get the statistics. Could you please help to suggest me the website to gather this information by input of my Singapore salary.
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For the currency convertion you can use a website like xe:

You can use a website such as to evaluate the base salary for similar roles in the UK:

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AFAIU you should be comparing your salary with salaries in Singapore rather than with salaries in UK. I’ve seen it recommended to use percentiles for salary (e.g. what percentile bracket does your salary fall into?).

I googled “income distribution percentiles singapore” and I found this table by a government agency which seems to be exactly what you would be looking for - except this is from 2019 so a more recent one would be better (from For example you would highlight that your salary falls above the 90th percentile (91st-100th in this list).

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@yeshellohi and @Ido_Moshe … Thanks for the prompt response. I will certainly provide the comparison to singapore market . I think this would be helpful

Like other commenters have said you need to be comparing to salaries in signapore. however if you are looking to use this as an evidence of high salary then you have to compare it to the average salary for the position in your country. glassdoor or similar platforms can be used for comparison

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