Any update on substitute

Hey , Everyone,

I got an email from TN last night, regarding their closure situation.

I was about to send my docs, is there any new update regarding their substitute? I’m based in the UK and my current visa will be ended in 2 months, so I need to act fast and accordingly. Please share any news here thank you very much.


I believe that the UK home office should still continue the GTV program, but we don’t know the exact process, the endorsing body, the new timeline, and the new guideline, for instance.

At least what we know is that Tech Nation is closing on 31st Mar 2023. Before then you should submit your application as soon as possible to allow them more time in reviewing and also your appeal if required.

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I think you should go all the way to ensure you send a quality application asap. No one knows what this transition will look like after 31st March…eg how long it’ll be, what the assessment rules will be. The disadvantage in this rush hour is people rushing their application and turning in sth below par which increases their chances of rejection. But also an opportunity for those who turn in a really good application to shine through.


@May @alexnk Cheers guys.! It’s a rare situation, They should’ve announced at least 5 months earlier so applicants knew about it. IF there are still 2 months left, would be amazing and enough time to prepare docs. but as for the recommendation letters we should address TN, wanted to be sure if still they ARE an endorsement body.