Any help with this question regarding MC based on evidence available

Hi guys, related to MC, I have worked with this non-profit for some months during my time at a company.

About the non-profit: is a nonprofit design studio., that designs products and services alongside organizations that are committed to creating a more just and inclusive world.

So I was part of the team that worked on this their finance chatbot application, and I have a reference letter from the design lead then who is now a Senior designer at Amazon

My question is can I talk about my work during my time as a developer working on the Chatbot for this non-profit based on the criteria below from TechNation, this include writing about my impact at this non-profit project for MC?

Criteria statement based on Tech nations website:

  • You led the growth of a non-profit organization or social enterprise with a specific focus on the digital technology sector, as evidenced by reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your work, or as evidenced by news clippings or similar evidence.

kindly help @Francisca_Chiedu @May @alexnk

You can talk about the work, as a part of your evidence. But since your contribution was only a few months, it can be supporting evidence, not the main strong evidence.

Also I am afraid that the recommendation letter for this work may not be eligible, if the person does not know your work for more than 12 months. Otherwise, it’s ok.
According to TN guideline,
Any ‘letters of reference’ submitted as part of your 10 documents of supporting evidence will be expected to be from well-established individuals acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field, with detailed knowledge of your work over a period of 12 months or more. Note that the use of letters of reference alone to show how you meet any of the criteria is not sufficient, additional evidence should be provided.


Thanks @alexnk, Yes, I intend to use this as supporting evidence.
And thank you also for clarifying the number of months part.

@alexnk this statement by TN -> * Be signed by the author, or by someone on behalf of the organisation recommending you

Must the person signing on behalf of the employer be an expert in the digital technology field?

Yes. The person must be an expert in the digital technology field.

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Alright @alexnk

Also in regards to my time at the non-profit.
So while I was at the Company A was when I worked with the non-profit organisation as both companies partnered then, so more like we were the tech team developing the product for the nonprofit organisation.

So we had a tech lead from my company who knows my works for more than 12months and the design lead from the nonprofit (less than 12months)

So can I still use the work done with the nonprofit as part of my MC with a reference from the Company A tech lead as supporting evidence or this doesn’t fit into the criteria at all.

My Company A lead now works at Google as a Software Engineer.

If company A worked/partnered with a non-profit organization, and I assume that your “non-profit org’s project” was under company A’s paid hours, this should fall under your contribution towards your primary job. And yes, you can definitely use it as MC if it shows leadership in the field

@alexnk you worded it right, the “non-profit org’s project” was under company A’s paid hours.

I can use a reference from the Company A tech lead and not necessarily the design lead from the nonprofits, right?

In this case, yes, you can use Company A’s lead’s letter.

But please also note that your work in the digital tech sector needs to be building Company A’s proprietary digital technical service/product/platform/hardware as their primary revenue source, not building something for a non-profit as an agency.

Hope it is clear.

Useful Definitions

Single definition of “Digital technology sector” and “product-led”:
The “digital technology sector” or “product-led digital technology companies” are defined as businesses that provide a proprietary digital technical service/product/platform/hardware as their primary revenue source. The creation of software, processing/storage of data, or the creation/application of technical computing hardware is often a central aspect of their business model.

[This excludes general consultancies, outsourcing and technology-related consultancy groups focused on process/service delivery or solutions/systems architecture. Such firms do not meet the guidelines, particularly those primarily serving large corporate or multinational corporate (MNC) customers.


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Yes this is clear @alexnk. Thank you