Any chances ?=)

Hi everyone.

Please help to identify if I should consider applying and what could be strong points to focus on in the application.

Masters - microelectronics
2 years in cyber security
10 years in open-pit mining software: engineering, programming and management positions
Last 5 years CTO and a partner in single-product IT company.

My company(info can be proven with agreements or banking statements):
Opened 6 years ago and started purely from consulting in open pit mining.
4 years ago created MvP of our own open pit mining fleet management system (Client - server application for industrial computers and office users)
Restructured a company to move focus from consulting to the product.
Having 3 commercial clients that purchased and are actively using the product - massive open pit mines, easily visible from space :slight_smile:
Growth from 2 people - me and partner to 10 engineers with no external investments
Average yearly growth of turnover of 60% for 5 years with no external investments

Open a business unit in UK to continue working on our product, transition existing clients and attract new ones.