Any chance if I apply? Software engineer

Hi, even before spending time and energy to build up my application, I’d like to get the opinion of the community if I have any chance (e.g 50%? 15%?) of endorsement.

  • I have 23 years of software engineering experience (21 in India, last 2 in the UK in Tier 2)

  • Always worked in product related companies, now working as one of the big tech

  • Can get LOR from directors of previous companies and my current manager

  • have 7 US patents but only 2 in last 5 years (rest are older)

  • Spoke in company conference 4 years ago, 1000+ attendance from customers

  • The GitHub profile is dormant, have some open source repo but no traction

  • Salary in top bracket (both in India and in UK)

With these if I apply (MC, OC1, OC3), will I have a chance? What else can I do in next 6 months to increase my bet?

Thanks and cheers

I think you have a chance, you may need to break down your evidence list for the three criteria you have selected (MC OC1 and OC3)

The patents you have looks like a strong evidence for OC1
Speaking events and salary looks fine for MC
OC3 evidence of your contribution and impact letter from your employer should be fine.

If you have up to three evidence in each criteria, you should be able to nail it


Also may I ask (1) if I can get a LOR from someone whom I reported to more than 5 years ago? If not LOR, can I add it as a separate evidence? Or any work 5+ years ago does not count? (2) Can I add separate letters from product manager (from previous company) how my project added a few million dollars revenue path as evidence (just a testimony I can’t seem to find any public evidence for it)?