Am I eligible for Exceptional promise?

Hello, please i’d like to know if my application has a chance to fly if i attempt the Exceptional promise route or maybe i need to wait for a longer period to gather more experience.
I recently transitioned from finance into tech. I work for a startup as both a Product manager (I do a lot of user testing and feedback as we are still at the early stages of pushing the product out) and Content director. I started this role in January 2022. The company is registered in the US but I work remotely in Nigeria.
I saw some requirements in the ‘documents’ section which made me doubt that I can apply just yet. For example,

  • The company has to be ‘established’ in the digital space: the company I work for is still in its very early stages
  • Three referees in the digital space with top positions that can vouch for my work: I haven’t worked with any other tech company with people that can vouch for my work
  • Publication history: not sure what they need here but I can’t say I have any public recognition in the tech space just yet.

I just want to know if I stand any chance at all from experienced people and also receive advice on what to do going forward before taking the step.
Thanks in advance

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Based on your profile you may not have sufficient evidence to meet the eligibility criteria. You need to check examples of evidence listed in the mandatory and optional criteria. Also network more and contribute to the growth of the sector. Be more visible so that you can meet leaders in your field who can recommend you.


i agree with @Francisca_Chiedu

longer experience as non technical applicant. Check the evidences required for this and work on developing your career while collecting them.

best of luck

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Thank you so much. What duration of experience would you say is enough for starters?

Thank you Maya. What duration of experience would you say is sufficient?

i cant really advise on this because if depends on your achievements, from this forum and people around i know if you have the evidences ready, to work on organising your application and collecting data will take around 3-12 weeks. especially, collecting the recommendation letters, is a bit challenging as Seniors will not get back to you directly on this.

others with no evidences on place but with experience, they take around 6 months to work on it.

the question is, can you proof that you were recognised? innovative? having impact? if so, be more specific what impact? what recognition are you having?

i would suggest that you start by reading the guide fully numerous times and highlight the keywords and information that relates to you, then work hard towards achieving those requirements.

then, revisit the guide after couple of weeks of hard work, see what improvements and where are your gaps,

keep doing this until you are convinced yourself that you meet the requirements fully and confident to apply.

best of luck


It is not about the duration of experience but the evidence you have to show that you have the potential to become a leader in the tech sector. Tech Nation endorsement is not just for employee working in Tech, you have to show proof that you have been recognised as having the potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology sector. If you have evidence of your leadership and impact in an organisation and the sector you can apply as an exceptional promise if your experience is under 5 years.

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Please do you mind clarifying your point on “you have to show proof that you have been recognized as having the potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology sector”?

If understand correctly working in a digital tech company itself is the clarification of this point. How would one present it as a piece of evidence? Please look forward to your kind response.

Again, I will point you to the ech Nation guide “A ‘leader’ of exceptional talent (or promise) must show extraordinary ability by sustained (or emerging) national or international recognition. The individual will be able to demonstrate a level of expertise (or emerging expertise) which places them at the forefront of their respective field in the digital technology sector”.

Do you think the description above is just about working in the digital technology sector? Refer to the examples of evidence in the tech nation guide, if you have the evidence listed in the guide then you should be fine.


Thank you very much Maya

Thank you Francisca. And how about the company itself? Does it have to be a recognized establishment? What about startups still working on their products?

What do you mean by recognised? Best to use a commercially useful business where you can demonstrate your impact.