Advantages to applying in 2024 vs 2025

Hi everyone - US citizen looking to come to the UK soon on a GT visa.

I have the luxury of some freedom in terms of timing, and it would benefit me slightly to wait until January/February 2025 to apply.

I noticed that from when I first looked at the application process, the yearly health surcharge spiked quite noticeably from 2023 to 2024. Should I consider applying in October/November this year instead? Is there any news about whether there will be spikes again, or are there any other advantages to applying earlier that I should think about? For example, end of year timing vs early year, in terms of selectivity, etc.

Also with the election looming and a governmental change in place where immigration/visas have been a hot topic, will anybody else be keeping a watchful eye on changes, or do we feel as if the GT visa will be relatively secluded from that?

Any help or general advice on the matter would be much appreciated!!


Hi! Most of the political parties are indeed talking about putting a cap on immigration, so if I were you I’d apply within the next few months. Who knows, maybe it’s just talk, but I would personally apply just to be safe.

The application has stages. It takes up to 8 weeks to get a decision for Stage 1. After that you have 3 months to apply for stage 2. Once you’re done with stage 2 you then have 3 more months to move.

Thanks a bunch! I really hadn’t thought too much about the grace periods and utilizing that. Cheers :slight_smile:

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