Accommodation for dependant (Stage2)

Hi guys,

My wife and I would be relocating to the UK together and we are filling a dependant form together. There are questions about accommodation and concrete plans and we are yet to make any. Can we just put relative’s and friends’ addresses for now?

Thanks as always

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If you have anyone in the UK, put their address there. If no-one than you must be staying at some hotel or as paying guest somewhere you can put that address there instead.

@Mukesh_Adhvaryu Thank you very much.

Just book any hotel without any pay in UK via and put the address of that hotel.

@jamal Thanks for the suggestion. We have a family member we are going to stay with till we get our own accommodation.

That’s good. Best of Luck!

Were you able to bypass this option? Our application allowed us to say that we did not know our street address yet, so we were given an opportunity to provide a zip code (for finding a post office to pick up the BRP) and also provide details of our plans when we arrive in the UK. Not sure if that’s an option for you there?