Academic work with no citations

Hey folks!

New here so please excuse me if my question is too basic or obvious.

I’m planning to apply for the promise route and I have a single academic paper that was published last year which was based on the research I conducted in the last year at university. Now the paper itself isn’t exactly groundbreaking and was published in a peer reviewed journal with a modest impact factor. It also does not have any citations as of today.

Now my question is that since I do have other evidence for OP2 & OP3 that I’m including in my application but should I also include the paper? I understand that chances of it qualifying are slim to none but what’s the bottom line here? The assessor just ignores it or can it actively hurt my application.
Also if yes, which criteria should it go under? I feel like it’s not enough to go under OP4… so maybe MC?

Thanks for reading. Appreciate all responses! :smiley:

@Francisca_Chiedu can you advise on this please?

You have not shared your list of evidence.