3 Recommendation Letters

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Can anyone please assist with a question regarding the 3 letters of recommendation. Can i get all those letters from one company ? I have worked for one company (Software company) so far for about 10 years under technical support.


I actually suggest you don’t get all your LOR from one company. If all LOR are from different people who have worked in that company and have moved on to other things, it sounds fine but if they are all still in the same company and you work there, Its already biased.

Since you have worked for 10yrs, it qualifies for 10yrs experience and as Tech Nation would see appraise you for Exceptional talent, it is believed that to be regarded as an exceptional talent, you have evidence to show you have done “stuff” to be qualified as one. This implies you would have built networks and collaborated at so many points.

B4ing a talent you would have also contributed to areas outside your work and have rightfully gain significant recognition by tech leaders and chiefs of co-collaborators, vendors, company you have worked with etc.

Hence you should have people that can recommend you.

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It is beneficial to have a variety of recommenders when applying for a Global Talent visa. In my experience, even as a researcher, I had to provide evidence of my skills and expertise from experts from various academic and industry organizations. Having a diverse network of recommenders can help to strengthen your application.

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